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      Instagram Updates

      Date: May 12th 2018 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
      With only four shows left of Elton John's Las Vegas residency, Lady Gaga hopped on a private flight to spend Saturday night in Sin City. LG was active on Instagram posting photos of her outfit while "Tiny Dancer flies her way to Rocket Man" on Instagram as well as updating her story with snapshots from the concert. Now, let's take a look at this gorgeous look!
      To start, Lady Gaga wore a large pair of angular black sunglasses. Like me, you may have recognized the glasses from her December 2017 trip to Nobu. At the time, LG wore a green or tortious shell version that I could not track down. Thanks to the close-up she posted, the designer Quay Australia is clearly visible.
      Quay is known for notoriously cool eyewear that is becoming a celeb favorite. Lady Gaga's pair are the "Rockbaby" in black which were last sold for $53. Unfortunately, I cannot find a store with the shades still in stock.
      For her outfit, she wore a floor-length ostrich feather coat from her favorite - Saint Laurent! The jacket is from the Spring 2013 collection when Hedi Slimane first became creative director and features a black and white stripe pattern. Again, Lady Gaga wore this before back when she took over MTV's Instagram account to promote the release of her Million Reasons music video.
      Unfortunately, the jacket is no longer available for purchase as it is now an archival piece but it was sold for over 19,000 euros.
      Unfortunately, her full outfit and heels beneath the jacket were never pictured. A small portion of a black fur top is visible but not enough to identify. 
      By Terran Warden

      Starbucks in Malibu, California

      Date: May 5th 2018 Location: Starbucks (Malibu, California)
      Spotted once again at the Malibu Starbucks, Lady Gaga treated herself to a hot drink before hitting the grocery store next door with friends including her bestie Bo O'Connor. For the quick visit, Lady Gaga showed off her recently bleached hair in my favorite of her Starbucks looks - an all-black two piece set complete with black ankle booties and rimless sunglasses.
      To start, Lady Gaga's sunglasses are an incredible pair of Givenchy shades which we got a good look at in a fan photo taken outside Starbucks. Specifically the GV-7081, these 55mm rimless shield sunglasses have black acetate temples with a silver-tone metal logo-engraved end pieces for a futuristic feel. Givenchy does not sell them on their own website but you can get your own pair through outside retailers like Nordstrom for $495 here. Thank you GagaPedia for tracking these beauties down!
      As for her outfit, Lady Gaga wore a set from up-and-coming designer Danielle Guizio. Guizio founded her New York City based label in 2014 with a strong 'It-Girl' and cult following for her statement graphic tee's. Her label has since evolved to signature sets, staple outerwear and exclusive cut & sew pieces. Heavily influenced by the structural designs of 80s and 90s vintage sportswear, the brand reimagines womenswear classics while maintaining a distinct, modern aesthetic.
      Lady Gaga wore the "Black Blazer Set" from the newest collection which consists of the "Black Blazer Top" and "Black Blazer Skirt." The Black Blazer Top is a cropped blazer available for $225 here and made with 4 buttons on the chest, 4 buttons at the cuffs, and hidden buttons inside at closures.
      The Black Blazer Skirt is also available for only $210 here and features a matching 4 buttons and pockets at the waist.
      To finish her look, Lady Gaga wore black ankle boots from... you guessed it... Saint Laurent! Worn previously in red (also at Starbucks), her ankle boots are the "Babies 90" in black velvet. Made with a subtly squared toe and covered square heel, they were originally sold for $995. Unfortunately, the booties are no longer available through Saint Laurent rather outside retailers like Tradesy have an occasional pair - on sale for $485 in US size 7.5 only here.
      By Terran Warden

      Instagram Updates

      Date: April 28th 2018 Location: Laurel Canyon, California
      Confirming the rumors she purchased Frank Zappa's Hollywood Hills mansion for the first time, Lady Gaga updated her Instagram in a beautiful statement look posed around the home. Keeping it simple with a white trench coat, Lady Gaga emphasized red accessories with sexy red boots and unique diamond sunglasses.
      Thankfully, nearly all the designers of her look took to social media to announce what she was wearing! So from top to bottom...
      Lady Gaga started with red glasses from VOID Glasses. VOID Glasses was founded in Moscow, recently in 2016, and specializes in the production of conceptual sunglasses with bold shapes, colors, and comfort. Currently, VOID Glasses sells only their "Romb" diamond shaped sunglasses in nearly every frame and lens color combination. Lady Gaga's are the "Romb Red and Transparent Red," available for $300 here.
      Next, Lady Gaga wore a new pair of asymmetric earrings. On her right, she wears a large and intertwined stud earring I have not identified (if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore). On her left, Lady Gaga wears a unique dangling hoop earring from Mounser. Mounser's PR partner took to Instagram to announce the earring as well as the asymmetric pair she wore the day before in her social media updates.
      Made in New York, the earring is the rhodium plated sculptural hoop earring that decreases as it dangles made with an oversized metal sphere and mini pearl. 4.5 inches long, the earring is paired with a nearly identical hoop that increases in size as it dangles. The Solar Hoop Earring pair is sold for $225 here.
      Finally, Lady Gaga wore the "Trench 'Tamusia'" from Tamuna Ingorokva's Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Thankfully I caught Tamuna herself posting about the look on her Instagram story! The jacket is a short white patent leather trench with a belt on the waist and black silk lining. It is available for preorder for $1,825 here.
      Lady Gaga's boots appeared to be from her favorite Pleaser. BUT, the soles of her heels are visible and they are beige. Pleaser's soles are black... Again, if you have a tip on who the designer really is, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore!
      By Terran Warden

      Social Media Updates

      Date: April 9th 2018 Location: unknown (Malibu, California?)
      Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of her first single - and the start of her career - Lady Gaga took to Instagram as well as Twitter to send her fans a sweet little message about the "wild ride the last decades been."
      For her posts, Lady Gaga wore a full look from Tom Ford's latest collection with a new pair of dark sunglasses. Her outfit is look 6 of Ford's Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection however, her shoes were never pictured. The outfit is a sexy twist on classic menswear consisting of a blazer jacket and high-waisted pants paired with a matching bra made of shiny viscose twill in the shade "Chalk." Fortunately, the entire outfit is available for purchase!
      The "Viscose Tailored Jacket" with peak lapels, structured shoulders and a two gunmetal buttons are tailored to nip at the waist when buttoned. Crafted in Italy, the jacket is available for $2,950 here.
      Rather than a buttoned shirt, the "Viscose Twill Bra" underneath the blazer is structured with tonal stitching, adjustable straps and fastened with matching gunmetal buttons. The bra is available for a staggering $1,090 here.
      And finally, Lady Gaga wore the elegant "Viscose Twill Wide Leg Pants." The high waist fit is finished off with a self belt, patch pocket, and gunmetal zip pockets - available for $1,390 here.
      To complete her look, LG kept it simple with red lipstick and dark sunglasses. On Instagram, the glasses were hard to distinguish but in a different photo shared to Twitter, the shades became much more visible. For the first time, she wore Versace's "V-Powerful Sunglasses." The frames are available in several colors she appears to be wearing the Violet pair. 
      The round-rimless sunglasses are made with mirror violet green lenses and a violet frame finished with black temple tips and Medusa Heads along the side. Get your very own pair for $295 here.
      By Terran Warden

      Instagram Updates

      Date: April 3rd 2018 Location: Portland, Oregon
      To celebrate her best friend Bo's birthday, Lady Gaga got dressed up - in head to toe Versace - for a dinner out in Portland, Oregon. The location was not revealed until later by a fan photo who lives in Portland.
      To start Lady Gaga wore some kind of black cap that was only partially visible and graphic eyeliner. To accessorize, she wore a new pair of asymmetric earrings from two different designers. On her left side, Lady Gaga wears Laura Lombardi. On her right side, Lady Gaga wears Jennifer Fisher.
      Lady Gaga's Lombardi earring is the 3.25 inch "Mina Earring" made of brass with a gold filled post. The earring, sold in a pair, is available for $146 here.
      Lady Gaga's Fisher earring is the angular "Hammock Earring" in 10k Yellow Gold plated Brass. Again, the earring is sold in a pair for $550 here.
      Lady Gaga's "Versace on the floor" outfit is all from the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. To start, she wears the "Lurex Jacquard Knit Dress" which features a high-neck and long sleeves in an all-over leopard style print. The dress was available previously for $1,795 but is no longer available for purchase.
      Underneath her dress, Lady Gaga wore matching "Lurex Jacquard Knit Leggings" which were also available for $1,250 when the Pre-Fall collection was released but are no longer sold by Versace.
      Around her waist, Lady Gaga wore the "Gold Chain Belt" from the Pre-Fall collection which features a variety of Versace charms including a miniature version of a black Versace purse! The belt was sold for $3,200 but unfortunately is also unavailable now.
      She finished her look with a pair of matching sandals that I have not found previously for sale like the rest of her outfit but the sandals were shown in the look book.
      Lady Gaga later uploaded more details of her outfit - more Versace! She added the "Icon" handbag from the Spring 2018 "Tribute collection in bright red leather distinguishable by the gold Medusa buttons on each side of the gold buckle in the center of the purse. The bag is no longer available through Versace in red but it is available through outside retailers like FarFetch for $2,675 here.
      Finally, Lady Gaga appears to have accessorized her handbag with a scarf also from the Spring 2018 collection. This black and gold-tone silk baroque print scarf from Versace features an all-over print from Gianni Versace's iconic prints from the nineties. The scarf is sold out everywhere including FarFetch!
      By Terran Warden

      Starbucks in Malibu, California

      Date: March 31st 2018 Location: Starbucks Coffee (Malibu, California)
      As Lady Gaga does when she's at home in Malibu, Mother Monster was spotted getting coffee in designer fashion. Joined by Christian Carino and her BFF Bo O'Connor, Lady Gaga wore an all black look with a statement sweater.
      From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a black cap from Gladys Tamez Millinery - her go-to hat designer! The hat, worn several times before by LG, is the "Mick" made with black felt velour. The hat features a smaller brim than many of her other Gladys hats with a three inch brim but is unfortunately no longer available for purchase.
      Next, Lady Gaga brought back a pair of Illesteva sunglasses that first appeared back in August 2014 while posting on Instagram in Vancouver (see left). The sunglasses are the "Capri" in black acetate with detachable silver front frames. Again, the sunglasses are unfortunately no longer available. However, Illesteva has sold the same design in several other colors and without detachable frames that are still available, ranging from $300 to $400.
      For the statement piece of her outfit, Lady Gaga wore the "Crewneck Sweater in Black and ivory Tiger Head Woven Mohair, Polyamide and Wool Jacquard" from Saint Laurent. The sweater was part of the Spring 2016 Menswear collection and was sold for $589 but is no longer available through Saint Laurent or any other retailers.
      Finally, Lady Gaga finished with a pair of black ankle boots from Alexander Wang. She has worn these several times, most recently at the #MarchForOurLives, as they are distinguished by the unique silver hardware along the toe of the boot. Made in Spain, the lace-up boots  come with high shine coated laces with metal end tips with a 15mm heel.
      The shoes are sold out through Alexander Wang but are still available through outside retailers like Net-A-Porter who has the shoes for the lowest price at $750 here.
      Lady Gaga also wore another pair of asymmetric earrings which appear to be a small hoop on her right and multiple dangling strands on her left. I have not been able to distinguish them from the angles of the photos but if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore!
      Check out HQ photos of the sighting through our gallery here.
      By Terran Warden

      Leaving Starbucks in Malibu, California

      Date: March 25th 2018 Location: Starbucks (Malibu, California)
      Back in Malibu, Lady Gaga headed to her neighborhood Starbucks and was captured by paparazzi while leaving. For the trip, she wore a casual yet stylish designer outfit with several new pieces.
      From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a pair of extreme cat-eye sunglasses from Moschino - thank you Gagapedia for tracking them down! The sunglasses are studded cat-eye frames available in optical or UVA lenses with contrasting silver studs outlining the lenses. They are not available through Moschino but they are still available through outside retailers like Neiman Marcus for $250 here.
      Next, Lady Gaga wore another jacket from her ever-growing Saint Laurent collection. Back from the Fall 2016 Menswear collection, Lady Gaga wore the black leather jacket with silver studded and cheetah print sleeves from look 74. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the jacket for sale through any retailer.
      Lady Gaga then wore what appeared to be just a pair of black jeans but while waiting for the car door to open, paparazzi captured Lady Gaga's right side which revealed distinct embroidery on the back pocket. Little Monster Micah McLaurin pointed out the embroidery belonging to rag&bone. LG wears their "High Rise Skinny in black Japanese denim, distinguishable by black hardware. They're available in sizes 23 through 32 for $195 here.
      Finally, Lady Gaga wears another pair of new ankle booties. From a distance they appear to be a pair of supple black leather shoes but when zooming in, the shoes have distinct yet faint black stars in an all-over print. A quick Google search discovered the shoes through Barneys New York as the "Hologram Stars" Leather Ankle Boot from Valentino. Unfortunately, these stacked chunky heels are sold out in all sizes.
      Lady Gaga can also vaguely be seen wearing a patterned black and gold belt that I have not yet identified. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore. 
      Check out more HQ photos of Lady Gaga leaving Starbucks in our gallery here.
      By Terran Warden
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