Our goal is to deliver the best and highest quality content with the most reliable news. Excellence and professionality are what we have been trying to reach since day 1. We started from zero, but we learned a lot during all these years and we have now a lot of experience which is probably the reason behind our success.

The website was launched on March 18th, 2009. At that time Lady Gaga was not very popular, at least not in Europe, but we were so captivated by her music and videos that we decided to support this artist. It all started mostly as a hobby, but after a few months and after meeting her personally, this fan site became something much bigger than that. When we first started, our website was called “Gaga Web” and our old domain was After one years, more or less, we had to leave Gaga Web behind because of host issues so we lost the domain. We decided not to give up and switched to a new host, FanFusion, under a new name Lady Gaga Now and a new domain Although we worked with them for several years until September 2014, we started having some issues with the way they see our work. Their main interest was and definitely still is making money out of fans who just do it for passion. Of course we understand the need to pay for a service that we were given for free and we always respected the rules, until it became way too much for us and for the users to see advertisements all over the pages. The disagreement became a main issue. We tried to negotiate with them, asking them to let us go and move to a new host. They never allowed that, until they decided to lock us out. At first we thought that we would never be up again, but then something happened and we got a copy of both websites, the main one and the gallery, so we were able to finally restore everything by January 2015 under the same name but with slightly different domains: and